Digital Impressions (DI)specializes in design work for all types of digital information or standard printing enviroments including:

custom digital id cards for:

  • gift cards
  • ski cards
  • hotel access cards
  • luggage tags
  • membership cards
  • recreation cards
  • employment
  • volunteers
  • trade shows
  • security badges
  • student passes
  • fund raising cards
  • time and attendance
  • health care cards

full color printing

  • flyers
  • catalogs
  • brochures
  • calendars
  • posters

color & black and white copies

website design and hosting

  • With the increase in Internet traffic & websites, DI has positioned itself as on of the leading Web site designers.

computer service

  • DI avoids software and hardware conflicts by utilizing industry standard technology. Such conflicts can be a costly experience for any company, regardless of size. Therefore, DI consistently provides the latest hardware drivers that operate a variety of hardware platforms. This enables our clients to concentrate their energies on more productive endeavors. Unless you are in a business without any competition, seeking out proven solutions that make your company leaner and more competitive is necessary. DI offers hardware packages that are adaptable and upgradeable.

So what ever your need….Digital Impressions can help design your new image.